Navigating Your Business

Interim Management

JFC offers your company immediate access to top level professional management experience and know-how necessary to step in and fill the assigned role. Providing hands-on professionals who will quickly become integral members of your management and executive team.

Advisory Services

JFC offers a range of high quality guidance and advisory services to help individuals, start-ups and medium to large enterprises successfully grow business operations in local, European and International markets. We implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions.

Project Management

JFC has a track record of providing project management solutions that are timely, effective and cost-efficient. Delivering the fundamentals necessary to drive strategic projects to successful completion.


Support Services

JFC provides support throughout Europe, leveraging over 25 years of in-depth international operations and experience that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, sales, marketing, product development and organisational transformation.

Change Management

JFC´s change management solutions deliver future focused business, organizational and strategic transformation to a world that is developing at an ever faster pace. Change is ever present; consequently, shrewd organizations must adjust to stay ahead.


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