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Interim Management

An interim manager provides temporary management resources and skills as a service and is often responsible for implementing change and delivering solutions. He or she is chosen according to achievement, practical experience, knowledge and skill-set to add value and bring new direction to an organisation. Often being sensibly qualified for the roles being taken on, they bring knowledge and experience not otherwise in place, to address a specific time span, skills gap or challenge.

JFC delivers the following, making it´s interim management offering a cost effective and reliable value proposition:

Speed - being practiced in `fast engaging´ to new challenges

Expertise - operating at a senior level in the clients organisation

Objectivity - independent of internal company organisation and culture

Commitment - maintaining high professional standards and track record

Accountability - being instrumental in assignment success and results driven

Return on investment - payment according to predefined goals and objectives


Knowing How is Key


When something happens once it's a phenomenon

twice it's a coincidence, three times it's a trend…

…Business Principal

Strategic Planning

Implementing a successful strategy requires building closer relationships with customers. Today's customers have more choice and demand products & services that meet their exact needs – high quality performance or a completely customized solution.

A strategic plan should be accompanied by the operations plan that helps drive the company for the short term, however the strategic plan is necessary in order to empower the employee to achieve the vision and mission of the company. The best strategic plan is a waste, if it is not implemented correctly.

The question then becomes how to get it done.

JFC´s approach to Strategy is summarised in five points:

- Establish a unique product or service compared to the company's competitors (USP).
- Produce goods according to the needs of the customer.
- Identify a clear trade off, which determines what to do and what not to do.
- Achieve close coordination between all company levels.
- Ensure the company drives towards achieving the determined mission and vision.



Product Development

Especially in fast moving innovation-driven markets, an advantage in product development can translate into fundamental business success. Companies that can develop more innovative and more profitable products, and get them to market effectively, can establish solid leads in their markets. Understanding fundamental market drivers and their influence in shaping product demand is a critical element of good business and company resource planning. When launching a new product the performance in a new product’s first year is a strong predictor of long-term results. Therefore, maximizing the success of new product launches is critical.

JFC provides its international market oriented experience to you as input to your product success.

Project Management

Organisations need to work strategically, determining what the future holds and how to operate in order to prosper and grow. The successful initiation, execution and completion of change programs and projects are central to business success today. It is in this domain that an external professional can add significant value to an organization by reducing risk and delivering on core business objectives.

JFC has a track record of providing project management solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Providing the fundamentals to drive strategic projects to successful completion and the expertise to mentor personnel through the process of adopting change in a highly structured approach, delivering ...

- Program charters that define scope and goals

- High level and detailed project schedules

- Activity mapping, segment durations, responsibilities and resources

- Staffing analysis, validation, assignment and training

- Establishment of controlling procedures, metrics and templates

- Implementation of risk and change management

- Complete fulfilment to defined measurables

Change Management

In life change is the only constant. Over time, as a company develops and grows, it faces a continual array of new and unexpected business challenges that are unique to the company internally, and the dynamics of the marketplace externally. As further growth takes place a surprise mix of successes and setbacks can throw any further development off course.

JFC can aid in recognizing and solving these challenges. These may include business process adjustment, flexibility, product development and placement correction, unexpected market shifts, the need for external or international market know-how or the need to readjust through structural change. It can also be influenced by company organization and the firm's evolution to that point. Balance is key; responding swiftly to unforeseen short-term events, while recognising and accommodating long-term developments.

JFC can address and answer all your concerns through its indepth experience in the area of change management.

Sales & Marketing

A company which continually recognises customers needs, which offer products based on those needs, will become established in the market place and remain profitable.

JFC can help your company in its local and international sales & marketing endeavours. Solving the most critical sales and marketing challenges. This is achieved by bringing in-depth & accurate market research and critical product marketing analysis to decisions that are otherwise based on guess work. Bringing a scientific approach to the art of market success.

JFC provides Market and industry analysis, development of effective marketing strategies, market placement, international market and penetration analysis and general sales management.

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