Adding Real Value to Your Business

Many of lifes failures are people who did not realise

how close they were to success when they gave up

…Thomas Edison


JFC, operating out of Munich Germany, offers a range of high quality Interim management, change management, project management, advisory and support services and is available for onsite assignment throughout Europe, Eastern Europe & Israel. On requirement, Asia and USA are also possible.

Mission Statement

To provide integrity driven, customer enriching services resulting in progressive, cost-effective, market and business oriented solutions which maximise revenue, generate sustained growth and develop a competitive edge in local, European and International markets.


JFC is a unique consultancy company delivering personal and success oriented services to individuals, companies and large organisations in their business endeavours and ambitions, at a local, European and International level. Building on 25+ years hands-on experience in business development & strategic planning, product development & promotion, target market penetration, sales & marketing expertise, especially in the area of consumer electronics and high end manufacturing goods. Main industries of operation have been in the Semiconductor and IT sectors.

Invaluable `Country & Culture´ knowledge has been gained by operating onsite all over the world – 85% of EU Countries (incl. Bulgaria), Japan, Singapore, USA, Russia and Israel. Sometimes for prolonged periods of time; over 2 years.

JFC stands for going the whole way – with the unique approach of leading, mentoring, advising, accompanying and concertedly

`Implementing to Market Success´

Not only implementing customer defined goals but also providing `Mentored Driven Accompaniment´ leaving the customer´s new found success in the customers own newly acquired ability.

Our Approach

JFC brings a number of important advantages to the client. Delivering results, not reports. This is achieved by our unique mentoring / accompanied approach. Not only do we perform the task at hand but we explain and teach all procedures being implemented along the way. Thus allowing the customer to take over confidently on our completion.

JFC performs continuous researching and thus constantly challenges conventional thinking. Always investing in training and workshops to keep abreast with all new and future trends in business and market development.

JFC approaches customer improvements by configuring their business around their customers needs.

The need for competitive advantage is never forgotten.
Resulting in all factors of the customers offering being successfully integrated - product type, pricing, costing and branding.

We apply our experience to focus quickly on core opportunities with the highest return and develop innovative solutions for sustainable results.


joseph flynn

Founder Joseph Flynn B.Sc., born in Waterford, Ireland...

… has more than 25 years worldwide experience in business strategy development, business planning, product development (software & hardware), product life cycle management, product marketing, organisation, operations, worldwide sales account and marketing management at international European, US and Japanese companies; Siemens, Accretech, Teradyne, Credence and Advantest.

His experience extends to many years of supporting and managing international accounts; AMD, Infineon, NEC, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Philips, Bosch, Semikron, Amkor, TSMC, Melexis and extending as far as Silverbrook Research in Sydney, Australia.

Many years of direct business activity in Europe, Israel, Russia, USA, Japan and Asia provide him with a deep understanding of worldwide marketing, sales and business cultures.

His business consulting experience has extended to serving many major companies and multiple start-ups both at a local and international level.

His business network is strong and he has developed and sold complex, high end products and systems to multiple industry verticals; microelectronics, semiconductor, IT, automotive and distribution.

His overall business experience and know-how, especially his achievements and success in international business and strategy development, is made even more effective through his previous technical development background, encompassing, in total, the major pillars of the business development cycle  –  strategy,  planning,  product lifecycle management, marketing,  sales  and  customer.

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