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Start up Coaching

Starting up a business is one of the most exciting and challenging steps an individual can take. New entrepreneurs need two types of service - business consulting and business coaching.

Business consulting provides you with a business plan and the effective resources to carry it out. Business coaching guides you in implementing the plan effectively and ridding yourself of self-defeating beliefs that drain your motivation and other negative behaviours that keep you from moving forward.

JFC helps by first defining the scope of the task at hand. A working plan is developed defining objectives and deliverables.

A start-up business typically needs a solid business plan defining the future path of the business, including goals, mission & vision.

Business Formation, Marketing Plan Creation, Advertising Plan Creation, Financial Plan Creation, Strategic Plan Creation and Professional Development Plan Creation.


Helping clients overcome the fear of failure and the unknown
Gaining insight into how to ensure your start-up succeeds
Having a coach to support you and challenge you
Optimizing how to present your products and services in the market
Understanding your own business and developing confidence
Integrating a range of business start-up tools into your practice

JFC aims to accelerate your business development. We work with you as a consultant and coach, planning with your input and working with your success in mind.


Learning How is Key


We carry within Us

The Wonders we seek without Us…

...Sir Thomas Brown

Mentoring and Business Coaching

Supporting individuals, teams and senior managers through mentoring and coaching by senior business coaches to gain competence in new roles, situations and initiatives.

Business coaching is a valuable and positive process that can cover a wide range of issues and concerns which include:

Personal impact and effectiveness
Preparation for business role challenges
Leadership and high performance behaviour styles
Managing stress, change, conflict and crisis
Improved management of other staff
Greater creative effectiveness to planning
Minimising unproductive conflict
Achieving effective presentations and speeches
Addressing cultural concerns in international collaborations
Encouraging employees to reach top performance


Sales Coaching

… helps you further develop the necessary selling skills and strategies to succeed in today's business environment. Whether you are a sales person, marketing representative or a sales manager - working with a professional sales coach will allow you to better manage your time and increase your productivity. Learn in-depth about the sales process, how you communicate, how you build rapport and maintain customer relationships especially in diverse cultures. Be open to discovering new ways of building relationships. Experience a higher level of sales success.

JFC helps you achieve your personal goals effectively in today's international business environment.

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